Psychotherapy for Individuals, Couples & Adolescents

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Holding a strong frame of Social Justice and Restorative Practice, Karena emphasizes an environment of safety and inclusion, non-judgment and collaboration with her clients and works with genuine care and respect to promote positive shifts and sustainable changes.  
Karena is skilled at and committed to working with diverse populations of race and culture, status and orientation - particularly those who have have been left out of traditional therapy practices; Karena holds that personal wellness is integral to achieving collective liberation. Karena has worked extensively with complex trauma, depression / anxiety, substance abuse, life transitions, and family dynamics / parenting.  She has nearly 20 years of experience working with trauma, survivors, and those responsible for causing harm.

Karena believes in the importance of all relationship – self, community, and family, both chosen and of origin – and that they influence and inform one's quality of life.

Karena H. Montag, MFTMFC 45487

karena is a licensed marriage&family therapist


revolution begins in the self
with the self

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